Press Release #2

VK5CE-8 logo

Thank you to Dani YB2TJV for the great logo

The DXpedition is now only a few months away. Planning and detailed preparations to ensure things run smoothly and safely continue. I’m in regular communication with the boat owner. By making sure the DXpedition goes to plan, I hope to maximise the number of QSOs in the log (1000+ QSOs per day) and most importantly I hope to work you for a new island. 

K6TU logo

Thanks to Stu K6TU who has come on board as a DXpedition supporter with his fantastic K6TU Propagation service. So please visit the PROPAGATION page of this site to learn how to improve your chances of getting in the log. 


Thanks to Spiderbeam who have come on board as a DXpedition supporter. So please visit the EQUIPMENT  page of this site to learn about the best way of finding me on the bands.

Thanks to Dani YB2TJV who has been kind enough to provide a great logo for the DXpedition.